BPP University boss Carl Lygo has launched a super website dedicated to his own life.

The Vice Chancellor has finally given in to the demands of his public and launched www.carllygo.com, which aims to give "a little more insight into Carl's background and motivations". It includes such sections as Carl Lygo - Early Years, Carl Lygo - Career in Education, Carl Lygo - Interests and, for the superfan, Carl Lygo - More.

Lygo's achievements are detailed at considerable length, with plenty of great photos of him: with his kids, in splendid academic regalia, on a mountain, etc. It also contains full details of Lygo's sleep patterns (six hours a night), his academic success, his fondness for Doncaster Rovers and for darts, and the number of England football managers he has met (four, "and we shared a few stories"). 

RollOnFriday readers will be pleased to know that Lygo's best friend is Gary, Chief Executive of Anglo-European Cargo Transport, no less, and that Lygo's favourite song is Touch Too Much by AC/DC.

  Carl Lygo (l) relaxing in some countryside with Gary (r), Chief Executive of Anglo-European Cargo Transport, no less.

The website is also plastered with inspirational quotes from Lygo's heroes, including Aristotle, Churchill, Nelson Mandela and, err, Vidal Sassoon. In Carl Lygo - Interests, he reveals that he has collected over 1000 antiquarian books about leaders ("mainly first editions"), because "the lives of great leaders hold a lot of lessons for the leaders of the future."

Lygo, possibly because he's had so little sleep, writes several long paragraphs setting the world to rights. Including an account of how he triumphed at BPP: "In 1996 when I joined BPP the big law firms told us that they would never send their trainees to BPP by 2000 it had all changed and today BPP has more top 40 law firms sending their trainees to us than any Law School in the world". And breathe...

There is much to enjoy, although RollOnFriday avoided clicking on the video labelled "Faye Lygo gives birth in car."

Carl was unavailable to speak to RollOnFriday as he was "at an off-site event", however he has provided a typically brief statement, which can be found here.
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Anonymous 23 August 13 10:36

Hah! Behold a man who runs a fifth rate university, weeping like Alexander with no more worlds to conquer.


Anonymous 23 August 13 11:36

Carl mate; no one gives a shit. There are plenty of "rags to riches" lawyers who have achieved far more but who have not felt the narcissistic urge to create a cheap, wannabe-celebrityesque, biography-that-few-people-want-to-read website.

Anonymous 23 August 13 15:12

When I was at BPP he stepped in to teach a couple of lectures. Can't remember what subject (such was his impact), but first impressions were that he was a tool.

Looks like I was right.

(PS - the website looks suspiciously like a step onto the political career ladder. Look out for Carl cosying up to a party leader soon, as the party conference season begins.)

Anonymous 24 August 13 09:14

BPP was once a great company sad to see it trying to be something it can not be, giving away course places and constant waves of cost cutting and redundancies.

Anonymous 25 August 13 17:50

Don't knock Sassoon! Dude was on Desert Island Discs, and was clearly a legend. (this is Shooty*. Can't be arsed to log in).

Anonymous 27 August 13 10:18

Anonymous user 09:36:
"..weeping like Alexander with no more worlds to conquer.."

That's probably how Bond Dickinson feel now.

KingMup 27 August 13 16:18

Sympathy is called for here. It is abundantly clear that this guy has mental health concerns.

Anonymous 28 August 13 11:02

I have just perused www.carllygo.com/early-years and while that is 2 minutes I will never get back, he does have a quite impressive back story.

What he may lack, however, is a sense of perspective; and I could also see how he may preparing for a second career as a politician.

Even so, I think the negative comments on this story are uncalled for. Is he a bad guy, does he treat others unfairly? If so, call him on that. Just a harmless "tool"? Let he who be without sin, throw the first stone, etc.

(And no, I am not Carl nor do I know him, or have any connection with BPP).

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