Regional firms Blake Lapthorn, Morgan Cole and Boyes Turner are in talks to create a top 40 law firm.

The talks are only in preliminary stages, but if the deal comes together it would result in a very chunky national firm. It would have revenues of £100m, more than 450 lawyers and offices in Bristol, Cardiff, London, Oxford, Reading, Portsmouth, Southampton and Swansea. And probably the most unwieldy name in the profession (Blake Turner Boyes Cole Morgan Lapthorne Cole Turner LLP).

RollOnFriday revealed that the firms were in tri-partite talks on Wednesday. And they clearly weren't delighted to have been caught on the hop as all three firms rushed to issue hastily assembled announcements to their staff and to the press. At least, to all the press apart from RollOnFriday. There's gratitude for you.

    Someone having a strop yesterday

A spokeswoman for Morgan Cole eventually confirmed that the firm "is holding discussions with Blake Lapthorn and Boyes Turner about what a merger between the three firms might achieve for clients and staff".

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