A partner at Allen & Overy's Singapore office ended up in hospital after getting off his face at a bash with an important client.

The unnamed partner was out on the lash with clients from an investment bank. After a few too many sherberts he decided to head home, and one of the clients tried to help him in a cab. But even this simple act of locomotion was too much for the inebriated partner who missed his footing, fell off the kerb and crashed to the pavement. Smashing his head open so badly that he had to be taken to hospital.

  How it might have looked

A&O has form for boozed-up shenanigans. One of its former partners, after he moved to Berwin Leighton Paisner, got so pissed during some after work drinks that he got into a fight and had to be pulled off one of his associates.

But insiders say that A&O's Singapore office head does not take kindly to such things, and that this partner's antics have gone down very badly indeed. A spokesman for A&O wouldn't comment.

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Anonymous 17 February 12 09:26

The partner should get an extra bonus for services to client relationship building. Someone get him a plaque!

Anonymous 17 February 12 23:39

This partner was doing exactly the same thing when he was in Tokyo. I don't know why they have put up with this poor behaviour for so long.

Anonymous 17 February 12 23:40

If he doesn't get sacked, then A&O are just condoning such poor behaviour. Will follow this one with interest!

Anonymous 17 February 12 23:45

Let's see what the A&O spin doctors do with this one. Or are they suddenly lost for words? If this has gone down VERY badly in the Singapore office, then actions speak louder than words. What are they going to do about it? Oh, let me guess, sweep it under the carpet no doubt!

Anonymous 18 February 12 04:26

Re the photo - surely copious amounts of blood and spew are missing, not to mention broken specs?

Anonymous 18 February 12 21:42

Cry me a river. He had probably just spent the day sacking associates - after all, that is what A&O partners do best.

Anonymous 19 February 12 14:26

This type of behaviour is endemic at A&O's Asian offices. Especially in the Tokyo office where this character spent his "formative" years.

Anonymous 19 February 12 14:33

Come on ROF, why don't you name and shame. Don't be shy. You normally are good with letting us know.

Anonymous 20 February 12 01:03

Hmm, sounds like some of these comments are coming from someone who was sacked by an A&O partner - maybe the same partner. Sour grapes anyone?

Roll On Friday 20 February 12 22:23

I really don't see the problem. The lawyer got drunk (we don't know how drunk), slipped and suffered a nasty fall. It can happen to anyone, its hardly outrageous behaviour.

People calling for him to be sacked need to get over themselves, wonder how you'd feel if your firm sacked you for breaking your leg on a Friday night.

Anonymous 21 February 12 09:52

I agree with the last post - hardly the worst thing to happen! It's not like he insulted/ assaulted a client, which might actually be newsworthy. If the partner in question has sacked any associates recently, let's chalk this one up to karma...