RollOnFriday has learnt that personal injury specialists Duncan Gibbins Solicitors has placed lawyers and staff into a redundancy consultation. It comes two months after another troubled PI firm placed its entire workforce on notice (except the management).

Partner Duncan Gibbins declined to confirm how many of his 35 employees were at risk of losing their jobs at the end of the consultation. But he refuted rumours that the no win, no fee Merseyside firm was being placed into administration.

    One nervous Gibbin

Gibbins also denied rumours that his firm received funding from Axiom Legal Financing Fund. Axiom supported a number of PI firms until it collapsed in February, creating a bit of a headache for some of them. Instead Gibbins blames legislation brought in to curb ambulance chasing and have-a-go claims.

Gibbins said the firm was "working hard" to limit the number of redundancies.
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Anonymous 24 April 13 20:47

It's a shame that the people running the businesses didn't think about the effect this has on peoples lives and families.

Anonymous 26 April 13 13:32

Duncan Gibbins Solicitors (possibly foreseeing the inevitable) became a limited company in August last year. Check Companies House.