Kennedys is set to make up to 72 of its back office staff redundant.

A consultation process has begun in the firm's finance department, with a spokesman confirming that "five or six dozen people are at risk". Or, as one insider told RollOnFriday prosaically, "finance and cashiers are being shat on".

The firm, which has over 1,100 staff, has had a good run recently with turnover up nearly 13% to £109m for 2011/12. But that expansion has been achieved mainly through merger rather than actual business growth: Kennedys swallowed up firms in Ireland and Portugal last year, took on 70 Halliwells staff in 2009 and is currently in talks with aviation firm Gates and Partners. The end result of all those merger "synergies" seems to be that it has more support staff than it needs.

    Kennedys yesterday

All the jobs at risk are based in four of the firm's UK offices, and mainly in London. The spokesman said that the consultation had just started, and the firm was "keen to keep redundancies to an absolute minimum". Still, around 6% of the firm's staff will be singing Don't Stop Me Now through gritted teeth over the next few weeks.
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Anonymous 20 October 12 13:19

Part of the point of mergers is to save costs by axing support staff. It is hardly going to come as a surprise to the firm that they're suddenly in the position to get rid of people.

Anonymous 23 October 12 18:45

i found them to be a bunch of lightweights - not keyed up on the law and as for negotaition, where do i start..??

Anonymous 26 October 12 03:01

For a firm of "just" over 1,100 staff. Making up to 72 finance staff redundant. How many finance staff do they have? Well top heavy even for a litigation based firm.