The legal profession fell over itself in its hurry to get its chequebook out this week, after being offered the chance to purchase a "Kite Mark" from The Lawyer magazine. For a bargain £495 plus VAT.

PR departments of law firms across the country received an email from the Lawyer magazine about its "eagerly awaited UK200 supplement". And, it revealed, each firm which makes the list (and that's 200 of 'em - the clue's in the name) would be offered the chance to purchase a finely crafted Kite Mark which will, apparently, be "regarded as the industry stamp of approval". So if they all sign up that's, err, £99,000 for a little graphic.


Still, if you can't beat them, join them. RollOnFriday is shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon and has come up with its own Shitemark (see above). It's available to any firm in return for a £495 donation to Law Care. The beautifully crafted lump of shite will surely be regarded as the profession's gold standard, hallmark and badge of honour. Email here for yours.
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Anonymous 26 August 11 10:29

Law firms have always been a soft touch - but this takes the biscuit. Kind of like Lawyers from Hell, but in reverse.

Anonymous 26 August 11 22:42

If someone gave me a t shirt to wear saying I was one of the top 200 lovers in the uk and it was endorsed by the Market leader and based on robust research I'd pay £495

I think the top 200 law firms are getting a bargain and should bite their hands off at that price

Anonymous 01 September 11 18:42

Law Firms can already state they are listed in the Top 200 without having to pay an additional fee.... go the Shitemark.

Anonymous 23 September 11 17:44

I know a firm in Manchester, JMW, which would definitely go for this - especially if the managing partner could have his face embossed on it. Boy does he like tat!

Anonymous 29 September 11 16:24

The Shitemark will no doubt be more objective and accurate than other accreditations....or listings in Legal 500 etc

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