An ex-partner at Mishcon de Reya who was jailed for fraud is now, after changing his name, embroiled in another court case with allegations of fraud.

Kevin Steele (as he was previously known), was a former partner at Mishcon (AKA "Princess Diana's former firm", © all tabloid newspapers). In 2012 he was sentenced to a five and a half year jail term for his part in an £18.4 million fraud, after he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and conspiracy to use false instruments.

In that matter, Steele was rumbled after providing fake paperwork to allow his client to obtain a multi-million pound loan to develop a Turkish resort. Both Wayne Rooney and former Brazilian star Ronaldinho bought villas off plan, so it must have been pretty classy. As part of the deceit, Steele brazenly hoodwinked three other innocent partners at Mishcon into signing an undertaking. 

Steele was released from jail and changed his name to Kevin MacLeod. It is now alleged that he has gone into business with convicted fraudster Ian Leaf (unofficial nickname Tea Leaf). Leaf was sentenced to a 12 year prison term in 2006 for stealing tax refunds of £54 million. Leaf altered his name to Ian Andrews, to change his identity, and possibly limit poor quality cockney rhyming slang-based nicknames. 


"Erm...looks like I need you to change my name again."

Consult Partners is one of the companies that Steele/MacLeod is allegedly helping to run with Leaf/Andrews. The company has become the subject of litigation with a former business partner, Arpit Ahuja. Consult Partners accuses Ahuja of allegedly stealing business ideas and is suing him for £75,000, but Ahuja is counter-suing the company for £18,250. Ahuja also accuses Andrews of siphoning off £55k out of the company that was owed to creditors, and transferring it into other business interests. 

The case is being heard at the Central London County Court.


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Anonymous 06 September 19 09:13

It's just as well Mishcon's client are all upstanding pillars of the community who keep their money onshore and pay a fair amount of tax, otherwise their reputation might be adversely affected...

Anon 06 September 19 17:59

Kevin Macleod aka kevin james christopher steele is also managing Elstree Mortgages Ireland [formerly Vivier Mortgages] for Ian Leaf aka Ian Andrews.

See more -

Spudser 06 September 19 20:07

Convicted fraudster Kevin Macleod/Steele is the Legal advisor and general manager of Elstree Mortgages Ltd(Eire mortgages ltd wasn't available.) Formely known as H.F.C./Vivier the convicted fraudster Leaf/Andrews used this company as a Money laundering facility.Irish mortgage holders are to this day still fighting these crooks in the courts. 

Legalquery 06 September 19 22:38

@BarryZuckercorn, he was not a sex offender but was convicted for forgery of documents. There must be some restrictions. He can answer himself.

Legalquery 06 September 19 22:55

@BarryZuckercorn , one can change name even if he is a sex offender. He just need to inform the police about the name change. Pretty sad UK laws

Spudser 07 September 19 00:39

BarryZuckeron A rather bizarre situation that serial fraudsters and other white collar criminal's can just change their names, where as you say sex offenders cannot.? Crime is Crime is Crime is it not.?

Legalquery 07 September 19 10:14

@Spudser UK laws allow anyone to change the name unless the name is offensive. They not bothered about the criminal offence. Bizarre it is

Anon 07 September 19 14:48

Ian Andrew Leaf aka Ian Andrews

Kevin James Christopher Steele aka Kevin James Steele aka Kevin Steele aka Kevin Macleod

Lord Taylor aka John David Beckett

And Luigi Wewege

No wonder they were making their own Shawshank Redemption

Anon 09 September 19 14:42

Who gives a s**t. Worse things happening in the world. You lot need to get some perspective 

Legalquery 10 September 19 13:23

@Anon - These are the kind of people making things worse. Dangerous Criminal Minds. You are saying that financial criminals should not be punished because there are killers and sex offenders to catch.

Remember financial crimes and money laundering are the biggest promoters for drug trafficing and terrorism.

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