Not even welcome as a jailhouse lawyer.

A former Eversheds Sutherland trainee jailed for sexually assaulting sleeping students has been banned from the legal profession.

The SRA said that Thomas Hagyard "has been convicted of a criminal offence which is such that it is undesirable for him to be involved in a legal practice". 

The order specifies that no solicitors or their employees may employ Hagyard or pay him in connection with their legal practice, and nor may they or permit him to have an interest in a regulated body without the SRA's permission.

Hagyard was jailed for eight years last October for sexually assaulting two women at a colleague's house-warming party. 

Hagyard, 25 at the time of the attacks in October 2017, had only recently started as a trainee at Eversheds. Earlier the same evening he had treated his parents and sisters to a Michelin-starred meal to celebrate his first paycheck.

At the party in a flat in Fulham, a law student who took herself to bed after drinking heavily was "sound asleep" when Hagyard "began to touch her sexually", Isleworth Crown Court heard. 

The woman told the court she woke up to find Hagyard on top of her. "I was going in and out of consciousness and did not think I could move. I froze a bit...I remember trying to push him away." 

Another woman who was sleeping in the lounge "was woken at 5.30am by someone touching her chest," said the prosecutor. "The top of her bra had been pulled to one side and a man's hand was on her breast. She felt his mouth next to her ear and the words: 'Shush. It's okay'".

"Having touched her breast he moved his hand to her belt and began to undo the buckle. She was scared and she got up and went quickly to the host's bedroom", said the prosecutor.

Hagyard claimed the sexual activity was consensual and that both women were "enjoying it."

The court convicted Hagyard of two counts of assault by penetration in relation to the first woman and two counts of sexual assault in relation to the second woman. The jury failed to reach a verdict on one count of rape in respect of the first woman.

Recorder Simon Russell Flint QC told Hagyard, "You have concocted an account you hoped would be accepted” and said the man’s family would “have to face the reality their son, who was destined to be a highly successful solicitor, is a sex offender, who preyed on two young women”.

Eversheds Sutherland suspended Hagyard in October 2017 when it first became aware of the allegations, and terminated his training contract in 2018.

Hagyard was ordered to pay the SRA's £600 costs investigating for the ban.

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Anonymous 28 October 22 08:17

Efficiency in motion. All you need is a hefty prison sentence and it takes the SRA just a year to strike you off.

Anonymous 28 October 22 09:00

@anon 08:17 - they move lightning quick on the important stuff, like when a junior loses a briefcase or mis-files something

Geordie Gentleman 28 October 22 09:07

Time to replace the SRA with a competent regulator. 

They’re so out of touch, according to them, assaulting sleeping women makes you only makes you “undesirable” for the legal profession. 



Knew Him 28 October 22 10:44

I met the lad during the LPC, I think we shared a Corporate Finance or Private Acquisitions class at at BPP Holborn a few years back. He seemed like a decent-enough chap but definitely had a certain creepiness about him, especially when on the sauce.

Life totally changed in a few moments at some sh*te houseparty in Fulham, mindblowing.


Don't want to know him 28 October 22 13:41

@Knew Him - his life totally changed because he is a sexual predator, not because of a "few moments" at a house-party 

@Don't want to know him 28 October 22 13:41 28 October 22 15:05

I don't disagree with you that this chap is a sex pest, but that doesn't change the fact that his life totally changed because of a few moments at that houseparty. Can you read brah?

Anonymous 29 October 22 13:45

@knew him

Or to put it another way, his life totally changed because he sexually assaulted women when they were asleep.

Toby Greenlord, bicycle seat to the beautiful 31 October 22 09:08

It's incredible when you think about all those people who've been to house parties who lives haven't totally changed.

I'm beginning the suspect that the house party isn't the issue here.

Almost makes me wonder if it wasn't the sexual assaults that did for him.

What do people think?  Did this guy's life changed because he want to a house party or because he sexually assaulted unconscious women?

Like, if he'd gone to the party and not touched them would he be okay?  If he'd touched them but not at a party would he be okay?

I can't work this thing out.

Anonymous 31 October 22 12:16

They should do a test where they fill you with booze at age 18 and tell you whether you're a good drunk, an angry drunk, or a sex pest drunk, and from then on you wear a head band which changes colour when you've had enough to trigger your booze character - red for angry, green for good, and blue for sex pest. Find me on dragon's den when I've ironed out the kinks.

F the patriarchy! 01 November 22 19:01

I can’t believe that people are focussing on the change to HIS life, like we should give a crap about the odious little freak! 

You know who’s life did totally change? His victims! Any semblance of sympathy should be reserved for them. 

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