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Looks legit.

Questions have been raised over a bailiff's claims that he is a law graduate and a war hero who employs a High Court judge in his enforcement business.

According to Peter Jackson, a Liberal Democrat councillor who actually was the Mayor of Otley for a time, he graduated from Sandhurst with a law degree, became a soldier in the Special Investigative Branch of the Royal Military Police, and rose to the rank of Honorary Lieutenant Colonel.

However, a group of amateur sleuths who identify possible cases of stolen valour, The Walter Mitty Hunters Club, grew suspicious after seeing photographs of Jackson in a sloppy uniform and a chestful of medals, and tracked down ex-soldiers from his alleged unit who said they had no recollection of Jackson.

The Royal Military Police Association had no record of Jackson having served, let alone proof that he was a distinguished war hero awarded medals "including the GSM NI, which is embellished with an Oak Leaf, indicating that he was Mentioned in Despatches", and "a South Atlantic Medal with Rosette, awarded to those who served in the Falklands War of 1982".

Jackson runs Crown Services Ltd, a bailiff agency which purports to carry out enforcement actions on behalf of solicitors. However, it also appears to be afflicted with a possible case of the didn't happens.

Crown Services' website states that Jackson "obtained an Hons degree in law and is a member of the International Bar Association (Pro Bono)", and paints him as the Liam Neeson of bailiffs who worked "in the investigation industry where he applied his special skills in many Investigative techniques".

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Records reveal that Crown Services is one of over 3,000 companies registered to a virtual office address in Hatton Garden. It may not require much floor space, as Jackson's three colleagues may not exist. If they do, it is a stunning coup for a bailiff, as 'Nigel O'Boyle', Crown Services' Senior Associate, is apparently a High Court judge.

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Despite looking about 28 in his profile photo, O'Boyle allegedly graduated from Cambridge in 1982 and "spent many years working in America representing several celebrity clients", before returning to the UK where his "career flourished and he is currently a high court judge".

There does not appear to be any such judge, and the profile photo of the Honourable Mr Justice Nigel O'Boyle is a stock photo of a model which has been used on numerous other websites.

The profiles of Jackson's two other 'associates', 'Denise M Silva' and 'Nancy R Bakken', also use stock photos.

According to Crown Services, "Denise is the chairperson of several Industry bodies and sits on the Fraud Advisory panel", while Bakken was "called to the bar in 2006" and "became an associate of Crown Services in 2012 after we used her services for some complex case". 

A testimonial praises Bakken and Jackson for assisting "on a very high profile case and pleased to say that with their help we won our case for the client". RollOnFriday's attempt to trace the testimonial's source, 'Jones & Jones Solicitors' was unsuccessful.

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Jackson did not respond to a request for comment, but Otley Town Council said in a statement that "we have received the resignation of Otley Town Councillor Peter Jackson with immediate effect".

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Anonymous 28 January 22 09:56

Royal Military Police = not real army. They just give out speeding fines for people speeding on base.

Lady Davidson 28 January 22 12:57

What is it with these Honorary Lieutenant*-Colonels?


* I bet he pronounces it 'loo-tenant' as well...

Anonymous 28 January 22 14:42

His picture reminds me of the Peter Serafinowicz 'Butterfield Diet' sketch.  I suspect that "Lt.Col" Jackson's days of dining out on hoi sin crispy owl are now long behind him.

Anonymous 29 January 22 08:12

Ok ok - so he made up some stuff - but his adaptation of Lord of the Rings was truly masterful.  And Nigel O'Boyle's performance as Lurtz the Uruk-hai was just the icing on the cake, even if he did need to stay some proceedings in order to nip over to New Zealand for the filming. 

Anonymous 31 January 22 22:57

I'm a qualified solicitor. Before the law I was in the army, including a tour of Afghanistan.

It's never good to see people passing themselves off as war heroes. I served with plenty of brave people who'll get no credit. Some didn't come home.

I would say though that when I see people rocking around in bogus uniforms with spurious medals, the wrong cap badge or rank insignia etc, my first assumption is that they're not firing on all cylinders. Often it's mental health issues.

Cuffed suspect 03 February 22 10:20

The Company website says it was formed by a former sergeant in the RMP. Jackson resigned as Secretary and Director of the company on 22 January, the company has no other officers to replace him on its registration with Coy Hse.

Hackaforte 03 February 22 12:03

Anon @31 Jan - In general terms I agree, but my sympathy runs out at the point where they try to make money out of their Mittying. 

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