There are two new entries from the archive into the RollOnFriday Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps pack this week.

First up, Simon Morgan, formerly of Milners, Leeds. Ex-office manager Morgan is currently eighteen months into his seven year jail term for stealing an impressive £1.4 million from his former employer. He spent the cash on using private jets and a Ferrari and on expensive holidays.

Second, and long overdue his own RollOnFriday Top Trump is Hogan Lovells' nightmare Christopher Grierson. The former partner was recently convicted of stealing £1.3 million in phony expense claims from his firm, much of which he gave to his mistress. Given his extensive plea in mitigation, Grierson escaped what could have been an extremely stiff sentence, but will still serve three years.




Name Jurisdiction Crime Sentence
 Matthew Kluger, ex Skadden  USA  Insider trading  12 years
 Martin Weisberg, ex Bakers  USA  $3m money laundering, securities fraud  8 years expected
 Simon Morgan, ex Milners  England  Theft of £1.4 million  7 years
 Kevin Steele, ex Mishcon  England  £18.4m conspiracy  5 1/2 years
 Louise Martini, ex Williamson & Soden  England  Theft of £1.7m  5 years
 David O'Shea, ex O'Donovan  Ireland  Theft of €779,000  4 years
 Kenneth Hunt, ex Hunt Kidd  England  Theft of £1m  4 years
 Christopher Grierson, ex Lovells  England  Theft of £1.3m  3 years
 Barbara Gayton, ex Hunt Kidd  England  Theft of £1m  2 years
 Andy Hodges, ex Fraser Brown/Challinors  England  Theft of £70,000  18 months
 Emma Rowsell, ex CC  England  Theft of £63,000  18 months
 Richard Simkin, ex Fulbright  England  Theft of £100,000  16 months
 Judie Groom, ex CC  England  Theft of £23,000  15 months
 Leonard Sawyer  USA  Lewd acts  180 days expected
 Partner who ran a red light, Hogan Lovells  Dubai  Running a red light  20 days
 Pissed trainee, Freshfields  Dubai  Being pissed  2 days

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Anonymous 06 July 12 03:46

what about the ex-CFO of Minter Ellison Australia?
Peter Charlton HK drink drive?
the list can go on if you will put your minds to it...

Anonymous 06 July 12 12:45

My personal favourite was the partner who nicked £800k setting up a fake bank account as "Ian Revue" and then banked cheques made supposedly made out to the Inland Revenue.

Anonymous 09 July 12 13:01

Michael Lynn Irish Solicitor on the run from Ireland having left a 80 million Euro mortgage fraud mess behind him.Since been struck off.

Anonymous 09 July 12 13:02

Thomas Byrne Irish Solicitor charged with stealing moneys from clients. Will be sentenced soon.

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