RollOnFriday can reveal details of the DLA Piper redundancy criteria, which insiders are complaining are absurdly unfair.

The criteria give lawyers scores of up to 15 or 20 points in each of six categories: client relationships, specialist skills, business development, attendance and disciplinary record. Here's an extract from the document.

Junior lawyers are railing against the emphasis on business development and client relations, claiming that they are not given the opportunity to take part in marketing by partners. Length of service does not get a mention, and lawyers lose 5 points for taking a single day's sick leave during 2008. So things aren't looking so good for a five year qualified assistant, who caught flu once and who has otherwise spent long days grinding away on documents rather than entertaining clients.
    DLA Piper's associates
Feelings are running especially high given the promise of the bare statutory minimum payment on redundancy.

As ever, the firm refused to comment.
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