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Is your firm free of office politics and dickheads?

More than 1,100 people have responded within the first week of RollOnFriday's survey to determine the Best Law Firms to Work At 2023.

Satisfied respondents have given high marks to firms where "the leadership team are actually normal", where there are "just decent people, no dickheads", and where "it's welcoming and inclusive and there's little politics".

Others have punished their firms for being "led by donkeys, staffed by second rate lawyers", for having "a toxic dictatorship", and for "snatch squads" operating "silently but effectively...one contrary view and you are out".

The results will create the definitive index of the Best Law Firms to Work At 2023, eliciting cartwheels from Managing Partners at the top of the pile, and propelling the bosses who mistook their associates' howls of anguish for screams of joy through the five stages of Golden Turd grief: denial, anger, bargaining, painting smiles on the walls, and acceptance.

There are no external judges, no 100-page submissions from PR teams about the best deals, and no extra points for booking a £9,000 table at ROF's virtual awards ceremony.

Instead, it's decided by the people who work in the firm scoring how satisfied they are with the pay, the culture, the work/life balance, the management and the career development - so dive in today, and have your say.

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ShootyOriginal 11 November 22 09:09

... But if we really, really wanted to book a £9,000 table, we can, right?

Anonymous 11 November 22 10:48

Thank god BLM isn't around this year. Led by donkeys would be about the kindest thing you could say

WhoCouldItBe 11 November 22 10:58

Don't worry, Nonny@10:48, I'm sure that another firm from the Defendant Insurance Litigation market will step up to the mark!

But which one?


Anonymous 11 November 22 11:51

“Toxic dictatorship” and “one contrary view and you’re out”.

So it’s not just my firm then!

Our managing partner is convinced salaried partners/senior employees keep posting about him on RoF and is desperate to find out who they are. 

An ostrich 11 November 22 14:45

There's something unpleasantly cynical about RoF at times.

The fact that my employer has won several prestigious awards this year, has nothing to do with the fact that:

(i) we employee a team of people dedicated to pulling together overinflated puff-piece submissions; (ii) we have wider tie-ups with the publications who run the awards; and

(iii) we always take a table at each ceremony and usually sponsor an award or two as well.

Next RoF will be alleging that the legal directories and the brilliant testimonial I got from my old mate from university are all a load of cobblers too!

Anon 13 November 22 23:18

@Anonymous 17:50 really??..which office at Freeths? 

All seems fine in Midlands.......


Are you one of the disgruntled employees who left or current employee?

Cumberlander 16 November 22 02:21

Calm down dear, Freeths has been the butt of jokes for a while but they became much more regular after the damning employment tribunal in which it was revealed:

1. a racist joke was made during a speech at the partners’ real estate conference but nobody stood up to object;

2. another partner called himself “Head of Porn” and showed a photoshopped image of a new starter on the body of Pamela Anderson, yet again nobody stood up to object.

So anyone moaning about Freeths portrayal as being behind the times risks having the Tribunal’s words read back to them: they “are not convincing, they are not consistent and not credible”.

Roll on Friday article is at:



A&OLegalPA 16 November 22 13:28

I am considering to work as a sex worker or start an only fans account. Better pay during these difficult times and with the cost of living going up.  People are struggling within business support.  At least the clients will be nice. Unlike the partners at A&O. 

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