The College of Law has announced that it will be offering a law degree: at a fee of nearly double that charged by universities.

The degree will only take two years, but will still cost an impressive £18,000, according to the Lawyer. Given that this is a new, unproven course at an institution with a slightly dodgy track record (see story, and another, and another) that seems rather optimistic pricing. Particularly as it's a private organisation, so students won't be eligible for government student loans.

Someone graduating from a three year law degree at a proper university will have paid just under £10,000 in fees. OK, this will increase next year - but BPP guarantees that it will hold its rate of £10,000 for the entire course for any students starting their degree this September.

A spokeswoman for the CoL told RollOnFriday that the eye-watering cost hadn't yet been finalised, but would be "up to £9,000 per year". She justified this on the basis that students would get 11 hours a week of "face to face teaching" (and definitely not the need to pay its Chief Exec the thick end of half a million quid a year).

    A CoL student next year 

Students with more money than sense might like to know that the course kicks off next autumn and will be based in London, Chester and Birmingham.

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