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She's a client with a deadline. He's a lawyer looking to impress. The year's most anticipated feedback - coming soon!

In-house lawyers have been listing the firms that have impressed them the most this year, in the RollOnFriday In-house Lawyer Survey.

So far, Clifford Chance tops the table, with the highest number of respondents picking it as the most impressive firm.

"Clifford Chance - stellar team to work with, both knowledgeable and responsive but also a great laugh to have a drink with," said one in-house lawyer in the insurance sector. "They made my life so much easier and I don't feel the need to go elsewhere." 

A client in funds believed that Clifford Chance offers "top tier advice on any structuring or regulatory questions" with "a great team of paralegals handling the groundwork on closings and investor onboarding." They added that the firm's 'Connect' platform "is a real bonus for live status tracking".

"They know the industry and are all over the detail," said a GC in the energy sector about CC. While another client rated the firm for its "great" anti-trust team in Brussels. 

Other firms to be receive high praise, so far, include Addleshaw Goddard, for offering "clear, pragmatic and targeted advice that really helped drive internal conversations on approach to key contract negotiations," according to a senior in-house lawyer in a bank. 

Another client said Addleshaws is "very responsive, commercial, excellent at giving advice in an easy to digest way, and don't overcharge."

Ashurst has also fared well. A GC commended the firm for being "terrific at looking after their clients." They added: "The teams are hungry for the work and give you top flight service whether or not you're a 'small fry' client or rolling in a £10m legal budget."

Meanwhile, a client in the infrastructure sector described Ashurst as "easy to work with, commercially aware" and they "consistently deliver". 

One respondent praised the firm for giving "commercially practical advice" and having "excellent knowledge of our sector/industry in general and our business in particular," while understanding "the challenges/pressures in house lawyers are managing."

Clyde & Co also had positive comments, with one GC describing it as a "professional litigation firm but serious about it, unlike 'ambulance-chaser' firms". They added:  "If only they didn't have so many conflicts because of their insurance connections".

The survey is still open, so there's still time for another firm to knock Clifford Chance off the top. If you work in-house, have your say in the survey below.

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PR Machine 31 May 24 09:01

"Clifford Chance delivers advice the likes of which has not been seen since the Bible was written. They have also saved my cat from a house fire, donated a kidney to my daughter, and are over-average in both girth and length", commented an anonymous client from Canary Wharf who swears they are definitely not the Clifford Chance PR team in this year’s survey.

Sumoking 31 May 24 09:12

So far, Clifford Chance tops the table, with the highest number of respondents picking it as the most impressive firm.

can anyone run a thermal camera over the business development department at CC and see if they are taking a page out of Wagner's Internet Research Agency  playbook and running 10 phones each to react to and troll the survey ? 


Anon 31 May 24 09:55

Reality is it is not the firms that advise but the people in them, and good lawyers are spread out at many firms.  It's also about what is regarded as "good".  It's not just about legal ability.  It's about whether you like the person and they make working under pressure enjoyable.  That is entirely subjective as to personalities clicking.  


Nightstalker 31 May 24 11:30

The niche London firm where I was a partner for many years included a corporate team, one of the partners (MF) being an 'all rounder' who had trained with a Magic Circle firm before seeing the light.  

MF was engaged in a complex, high value multi-party deal in which the lead bankers were represented by Clifford Chance.  My partner was dealing with the S+P as well as the banking work and who knows what else with one assistant.  A platoon from Clifford Chance were deployed to deal with the banking side and who knows what  different aspects of the deal.  I suspect that this was one of those deals were the entry of a senior tax partner into a conference room was preceded by a couple of trainees sprinkling rose petals ahead of him.

MF tells the story of an all-nighter that followed a lengthy meeting with the CC platoon (9 of them I seem to remember) that broke up at around 3 am leaving him to review his mark-up of the security documents with a junior CC assistant (AX).  

At one point during the ensuing discussion, MF pointed out to AX that a number of clauses  included in the draft were irrelevant to the deal in question and should be deleted.  Some backing and forthing across the empty coffee cups and curled sandwiches ensued, with neither MF nor AX giving way.  Eventually, the exasperated AX, impervious to MF's logical explanation of the redundancy of the clauses, exclaimed "This is our standard form and it cannot be changed.   It was drafted by some very clever people"

As sharp as a tack, notwithstanding the hour, MF retorted "in that case I better speak to the very clever people"

And when he did the offending paragraphs were removed.





Keith J 31 May 24 11:43

When I'm looking to instruct a law firm on mega deals, I  always choose Paul Weiss. They're just a cut above the rest. 

Anon 31 May 24 17:39

I've heard there's an up and coming hotshot lawyer at a firm called Axiom DWFM, making waves in the corporate space.  Rumours are an acquisition of Clifford the big red Chance is imminent.  

Associate DWF on lowest salary in London 01 June 24 14:33

I often wonder why DWF is never praised by clients. 

Oh, I know - because it's employees are so underpaid that they cannot help but tell the clients what life working in the boiler room is like...



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