Santa may give out presents just for being nice, but RollOnFriday requires you to revise, take an exam and win a lottery.

Last year's Christmas Quiz winner stunned the nation when she became the first person in 17 years to opt for a meal with the RollOnFriday team instead of taking the cold hard cash (an inflation-resistant £100). ROF took her to The Ivy and it was lovely.

She's still in therapy, but that means YOU have a chance to take her place. The quizmaster has conjured up 12 criminally simple questions drawn from the year's legal news. Best of all, the answers can all be found via the four Review 2018 stories.

rof xmas
The RollOnFriday team awaits lunch with a lucky winner.


Please note, you'll need to give an email address so you can be contacted if your name is picked out of the hat. Good luck, moron!


While you're here, take our survey (NB there is no prize, except the keen sense of satisfaction you will experience from speaking your mind).

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