A Bristol firm has hosted the saddest World Cup football party. And it happened while England were still riding high.

Before England crashed out of the competition in the semi-final against Croatia, offices across the land were buoyed by the Kane feel-good factor, World Cup fever gripped the nation, and football was the real winner for me, Clive.

It was predictable that businesses would do their best to piggyback off the euphoria, which they did by hosting football-themed events like 'Waistcoat Wednesday' to emulate manager Gareth Southgate. During the peak, one firm dared to dream, gave it 110% and held a World Cup party. Cook & Co even tweeted photos of the event when it was "in full swing". Here are the amazing scenes of fans going wild, just off camera.


Looks like they've lost the dressing room.


Our brave boys battled on. Just wasn't meant to be



"They've all gone home, they've all gone home..."



It's only 6pm, but they think it's all over.


Chin up Cook & Co, there's always the European Championship in 2020.


(Not the thigh of a Cook & Co lawyer, to be clear.) 

Perhaps staff were too busy working on deals. After all, BBQs are for wimps

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Anonymous 13 July 18 10:51

I'd be annoyed if I had had that tattoo. Harry Kane has a distinctive widows peak which the artist has completely failed to capture.

Anonymous 13 July 18 12:49

All together now:
"Where do you go
When you feel so slow
You can't even get
Your BBQ to go?
Cook & Co, Cook & Co, Cook & Co!!!"
[repeat until someone else shows up to party]

Anonymous 13 July 18 12:56

Partner reads this and does the full Gary Lineker re Gazza to Marketing about the over-enthusiastic social media bod: "Have a word"

Anonymous 13 July 18 16:03

Is it just me or is this a bit harsh? It’s a tiny staff party for a tiny firm. Probably wouldn’t have put it on Twitter mind.

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