Instead of the standard email to say that the Christmas card budget has been donated to charity, Dutch IP firm QuestIE Advocatuur has not only continued to produce festive New Year greeting cards for its clients, it has put in a great deal of effort.


Partner Rutger van Rompaey celebrated the end of 2009 in the traditional way: by slagging off the Chinese and picturing himself next to a highly-flammable clone chock-full of undeclared choking hazards:



After merging in 2010, the firm released a refreshingly honest card showing Rompaey and his new partner, Rik Guerts, bloodied and bruised. Still, it looks like they've sorted it out. The pair are photographed standing together, grimly heroic under a stormy sky and ready to act for their clients by slicing the heads off, in all likelihood, some Chinese people.


A light-hearted take on the grisly brain-eating scene in Hannibal is a risky proposition for a greeting card, but the QuestIE partners carry it off brilliantly. Except, ah yes, they've got a tiny Chinese person wearing a stereotype's hat popping out of Guerts' head.



In 2011 the pair strapped themselves to rockets and shot themselves into space, because drink.


2012 brought an atmospheric depiction of copyright infringement. Rompaey pirates a video and Guerts burns a DVD while an evil mastermind, let's call it China, looks in from the doorway. The strapline roughly translates as "Try not to copy an old year," which, given the stogies on display, was apparently a good one for QuestIE. Roll on 2014.


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