The stars of this week's Bonkers Law Firm Website refuse to disguise their lust for chairs.

On the face of it the lawyers at IP firm Rospatt Osten Pross are fairly unremarkable. Sure, their website includes an oddly poetic sales pitch describing how clients "experience wit as the fountain of our ideas, soul as the shelter of our knowledge, energy as the mainspring to expedite the matter" but otherwise it all looks fresh and modern. However something is simmering just beneath the civilized surface of Rospatt Osten Pross: chair love. Massive chair love, as the lawyers use their website profiles to demonstrate how to chat up a chair.

  Max is a master of the slightly gross suggestive remark 

  Can Stephan interest you in his powerful stroking action?
    Thomas uses subtle hints about his wealth to win his chair's affections
    Henrik needs to copyright that sweet talk
    And massive fights in the the Constitutional Court are Hot Bikram for Miriam
    Bernward gets caught in the act

  It was the longest date the chair had ever been on
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