A New Zealand law firm has been selected to join the elite group of official RollOnFriday bonkers websites.

Knapps Lawyers features its staff posing awkwardly with a favourite object to demonstrate that there is more to their lives than just law. So, so much more.

"The name's Praat, Gerard Praat. Licence to bore. A View to a Grill. DIY another day-"

"Gerard? Gerard, dinner's ready."



Angeline's boyfriend looks terrified.  


They found Gary in the stationery cupboard, again.   


Christine was keen to show off her hula skills. Christine was keen.  


After a quiet word Bronwyn stopped improving pitches with her performance of "When I'm cleaning windows.  


  "Wanna get trendy? Just ask!"  


"Look what came out of me! LOOK."


  It's never too late to follow your dreams during a brief photoshoot before going back to work.  


  Face it Jenny, he's gone.  

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Roll On Friday 16 February 18 08:38

Genuine lol at Jenny one.
Please remove term "boyfriend" and replace with "life-sharing partner". Bigots.

Anonymous 16 February 18 09:18

Thank you ROF for this delight. I can always rely on you to brighten any Friday morning :)