11 July 2016
This week's bonkers law firm website features two fashionable relatives.

As well as being the founders of Belgium firm Souidi & Souidi, Omar and Mounir Souidi are quite the pair of peacocks.


Sounds tiring

According to his profile, Omar is a "Language fetishist". According to Google translate, "every word that passes my lips, I exercise deliberation in a fraction of a milisecond and roads".

He is a proud dandy, confessing "I attach importance to a neat appearance", and wondering, "How can a client trust a lawyer who apparently was not even able to treat themselves to basic hygiene or has difficulty dressing in clean fabric?". Indeed. Apparently, "in-depth conversations with like-minded strangers, combined with Cuban specialties, Scottish fire water and the spirit of Frank Sinatra" give Omar "plenty of inspiration and energy to perform a whole year on the intellectual battlefield".

Back in the office, Omar is "literally surrounded by my personal inspirations", thanks to his "wall of inspiration". It features Christian Ronaldo and Woody Allen, who is labelled as a "romantical pervert":


This is not a RollOnFriday mock-up

A dazzled source told RollOnFriday, "I went to uni with Omar - he is like this in real life.  But with more cigars". But Souidi & Souidi is no one-man band. Omar's brother is just as capable of tossing off an alpha slogan.

Who gave Mounir squash, he's hyper again.

Under the heading "Haute cuisine", dapper double-breaster Mounir explains that "the enormous enthusiasm of chefs is an inspiration to every professional". He also counts himself a "Cigar aficionado", because the "Legal Profession is a sport" in which "the sporadic smoking of a cigar offers a moment of peace".

The brothers employ two younger lawyers. Despite their best efforts, they appear uncomfortable with the syle philosophy beloved and possibly demanded by their employers.


Nice rules, grandad, and now they're broken. That's happened.

Quoting Yoda in her firm profile, Anne-Sophie Penasse advises, "Do or do not. There is no try". She devotes a paragraph to "Fashion", ruing that although, "it now seems fashionable to present yourself as a criminal lawyer," it is "often forgotten that a criminal lawyer may also present fashionably". Penasse has not forgotten, assuring readers, "I consider it valuable to also radiate in my appearance". And sometimes that means standing on one leg.


How to radiate, basic bitches

Following in the footsteps of his bosses, the fourth member of the team uses a slogan posted by the worst people on Facebook.


The slogan's original background was wet prints on a sandy beach at dawn. So beautiful.

Poor Cappelle stuck together whatever random waffle he could find to make his profile. In a paragraph headed "Retro", he reveals, "New is not always better. The vinyl record is on the rise, old race bikes sell better than brand new mountain bikes".

Under "Authentic", he cribs from a Dalston bowtie designer's Tinder profile, claiming, "I let myself be inspired by my figurative guides from various environments, such as Mr. Piet Van Eeckhaut, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Ernesto Colnago and Axel Witsel".

They still made him stand behind the couch.


Well done to the immaculate Souidi & Souidi. If you've spied an elegant firm of fashion dictators fit for the bonkers archive, let RollOnFriday know.
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Anonymous 15 Jul 16

Yeah. I thought the one legged one was a bit odd. Perhaps she was practising for a bit of kinky ponyplay after the photoshoot?

Anonymous 15 Jul 16

It looks like she is actually resting her leg on a black stool but it is a bit imperceptible given the lighting in the picture.

Anonymous 15 Jul 16

@ anonymous users - nah, if you look closely, in the shady background there is a chair or a stool, she's resting her foot elegantly on the front spindle/stretcher (had to Google that...).

Anonymous 15 Jul 16

I suspect because she is (it looks to me) taller than the boys, and perhaps they got a bit Tom-Cruise-ish about it.

Anonymous 20 Jul 16

As far as I can remember, I always wanted to get attention from Roll On Friday! :-)

So many thanks to the editorial board of www.rollonfriday.com for making us famous (again) in the U.K., we celebrated Your article with a Cuban tube of dried and fermented tobacco leaves and a new photoshoot in order to feed your inspiration.

No need to worry about ‘poor’ Cappelle’s lack of originality regarding his slogan. Thanks to Your article Vincent was hired as a speechwriter for Melania Trump. So Vinnie’s on a roll (on Friday)! Hurrah for that!

Winning regards,


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