Chess is overused as a symbol of intelligence and tactical nous, so kudos to the inaugural Bonkers Firm Website of 2018 for shuffling the deck.

In a series of portentous images, Dutch firm Linq Advocaten casts its lawyers as protectors of a pyramid of playing cards. Their foes are not piffling draughts or curious toddlers. Instead they contend with a reanimated suit of armour, a collapsing Greek column, a raging fire and the high seas. Someone got their photoshop badge, and all it cost was a few lawyers' dignity. RollOnFriday cannot do justice to the painterly majesty of the original works, which are ginormous and quite, quite beautiful.

Yvo can’t figure out why he never gets a second date.  




The black knight was no match for Anne's tough, leathery hands.

The cards were safe! Her tenants were less fortunate.

Marc woke to soaking sheets again.

Hans Wagenaarrrrr

The secretaries, at least one sheet to the wind.

Dramatic congratulations to Linq. If you've seen solicitors posing in grand masters, write in.




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Roll On Friday 09 March 18 09:28

Genuinely some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. These have now been set as my desktop background, on rotate.
Not sure what the bottom one is meant to be, though. Secretaries protecting the fee earners from the wind? Is that a metaphor for saying "No, sorry, he/she/xe is not in right now" whenever a call comes through?

Roll On Friday 09 March 18 13:11

The cards are on the sails of the other boats on the Pirates Of The Carribean one, dude/ dudette.
Not sure what message that's trying to convey, gotta be honest.

Anonymous 09 March 18 13:30

In regards to the question why there are no cards on the last two: - Hans Wagenaar does 'Insolventierecht' which is Dutch for insolvency law which deals with bankruptcy. If you look closely you can see the playing cards on the sails of the ships.

The 'house of cards' through all of the photo's is a metaphor for 'The Companies' they are representing. It resembles something you build with great care and effort but in times of legal struggle needs to be protected. So when bankruptcy is at play, the 'armada' is sinking and that is when a curator (Hans is this instance) is at the helm.

The secretaries are there to 'Keep the wind out of the sails' , which is a literary translation from a Dutch proverb. The other pictures are also representations of Dutch proverbs.

Thank you for the Photoshop badge :) since I am from the company ( former know as Emaux) that created these images. We have given our digital artist the rest of the day off.

Anonymous 13 March 18 15:19

'The secretaries are there to 'Keep the wind out of the sails'

Really? So the lawyers of Linq feel less confident or less determined to do something... That doesn't sound like a good thing at all...