Bolt Burdon is an Islington law firm which puts its clients first, after chairs.

As the profile photos for its staff prove, nothing compares to the fun that can be had in a chair. But although everyone at Bolt Burdon loves man's favourite four-legged friends (chairs), they don't all love them in the same way.

For example, there is the chair train crew. 

Choo choo!                     


Then there is the proprietorial hand gang.

"Sorry, this seat is taken


Other staff simply express delight at the existence of chairs. After all, without their chairs they would have to crouch, kneel, or lie face-down on the floor.


"Chairs, amirite?"


Some staff are portrayed as chair pioneers, pushing the limits of what is possible in a chair. For them, the chair is an upholstered taunt, challenging them to rethink the very concept of sitting down. It can be edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Hold on tight!  


It is easy to confuse Bolt Burdon's 'chairventurers' with people who do not understand how chairs work.

Simon risks toppling.

Sehaj has summited.



For others, chairs appear to have become a compulsion.

Sonal refuses to come out or relinquish any of her chairs.  

Meanwhile, partners demonstrate their mastery of chair work by combining using a chair with another activity.

If a meeting isn't about chairs, Matthew expresses his displeasure through clowning.  

Group photographs scattered across Bolt Burdon's website indicate that the entirety of firm life is organised around one object.

According to Bolt Burdon custom, by high-fiving in a sacred 'chairangle', these employees are now married.  


New clients often walk in on something like this.   


You have to be fit, dedicated and enjoy sitting down to join Bolt Burdon's Synchronised Chairdancing team.   
After talking chairs all day, staff can't be blamed for getting blue balls.     


Come on Sonal. You've got five chairs and these two are having to sit on armrests.   


Kneeling on chairs can be hazardous, but with the women of Bolt Burdon on hand to assist, it's not a problem for these gents.    
Ian showed the others how his chair tattoo could turn into a love seat.  
Genesit.    Human Centipede

Of course, the staff of Bolt Burdon don't always need to be on chairs to have fun.



Although they might be on something.



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Anonymous 10 November 17 13:53

actually...i may need to change my identity entirely so there is no record of me anywhere sitting on one of those pink chairs

Anonymous 10 November 17 13:59

Reminds me of Rospatt's Thonet antics: [url][/url]