As the year draws to a close, we salute the firms that marketed their legal services with a heavy dose of bizarrerie.

This is a celebration of the weird and wonderful pockets of the web where lawyers eschewed business jargon and instead swung from ropes, sung about drugs, wrote nonsensical poems and, in one case, pretended to be a tiger. Grrrrrr.

Here are the top ten Bonkers Websites of 2019:


10. These lawyers tried to hide 


De Novo

9. Tsai "will practise law until he dies". Commitment from De Novo Legal.



8. Legal advice about pot from this singing duo.



7. The finest and strongest law firm in the world, that you've never heard of.



6. King of the Jungle.



5. Tiger in the office.



4. A firm from Bucharest posed with props to the max.



3. Jets and orphaned kittens.


Hot pic

2. Some New Zealand lawyers stripped.


Dog spock

1. The dog was always going to win it.

Let the entries for barmy firms of 2020 begin. If you've seen one (or are one) drop us a line.

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