Oh Henry

The latest dramatic turn for Hendron.  

A barrister who bought drugs from clients has been jailed for 14 months.

Barrister Henry Hendron pleaded guilty in the Crown Court earlier this year to possessing a Class A drug (crystal meth), and also pleaded guilty to three counts of intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence.

The court heard how police arrested a suspected drug dealer in 2021, who was one of Hendron's clients in a criminal case. Officers then discovered messages from Hendron on the suspected dealer's phone, asking to supply him with drugs. 

Following an investigation, the police also found further evidence going back to 2020, indicating that Hendron was purchasing drugs from yet another client. Officers arrested Hendron in May 2022, and he was subsequently charged.

Messages on Hendron's phone revealed that he had asked to buy methamphetamine and GBL from the two clients. 

At the Woolwich Crown Court, Judge Mann described the barrister as “clearly bright and capable” and “a well-thought-of person both professionally and personally.”

However, the judge said to Hendron there was "an abuse of responsibility" to his drug-dealer client, "and an abuse of responsibility to the court.” 

Hendron's actions showed “the seriousness and the level" to which he had sunk, said the judge. “You were messaging a client of yours who was later to face crown court proceedings for supply of drugs," said the judge, "you were encouraging him to supply you with drugs, then went to court to represent him."

Judge Mann KC sentenced Hendron to 14 months in jail. 

"At the time of his arrest Hendron was a serving Barrister," said Detective Inspector Lewis Sanderson of the Specialist Crime South. "The behaviour displayed by Hendron, while acting for the Bar, was unacceptable, unethical and illegal. Actions like his can tarnish the reputation of all those involved in the criminal justice system and the whole team were determined to bring him to account."

Prior to this matter, Hendron was no stranger to controversy. He was suspended from practice for three years in 2016 after he admitted supplying drugs which killed his boyfriend at a chemsex party in Temple.

In 2019 he was suspended again for failing to pay back a complainant her money (although that decision was overturned the following year). In 2021 he was reprimanded by a tribunal for continuing to practise while suspended.

He once nominated himself to be elected to the Bar Council, although his attempt was thwarted.

At court, Hendron's defence barrister, Sean Sullivan, said in mitigation that his client had a drug addiction and highlighted the impact of his boyfriend's death in 2015. 

Hendron had previously represented high-profile clients, acting for Apprentice winner Stella English in her claim against Alan Sugar, and defending former culture secretary Nadine Dorries against accusations she smeared an opponent. He also represented the Earl of Cardigan. 

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Anonymous 16 June 23 09:25

“a well-thought-of person both professionally and personally” is a bit of a stretch

Anonymous 16 June 23 09:45

Typical out of touch pale stale males sitting in judgement here. A total failure of inclusivity and a perfect example of all that is wrong with the British (read: English) Justice System.

Nobody, with their Eton background and Tory chums, has thought of the impact that this kind of perverse sentencing has on minority communities and their ability to access justice. Some of the young men represented by Hendon, after being harassed by the racist Met Police force for the crime of walking while Black, will have had no option but to pay for his services in goods such as methamphetamine.

With people like him hounded out of the profession how will those innocent young men be able to afford representation? As ever the most vulnerable people in society are being disproportionately affected by the inherently White Supremacist workings of the state after 14 years of Tory Rule.

@09.45 16 June 23 11:39

The sign of excellent parody is when it is impossible to distinguish it from the real deal. That being the case thank you for the laugh. If, in the alternative, you are just a woke lunatic, thank you for the laugh again.

Anon 16 June 23 13:04

@Anonymous 16 June 23 09:4

nothing better than enjoying my ham sandwiches whilst reading the deluded nonsensical ramblings of an individual who appears to be regurgitating some tripe their university lecturer said.

Apologies if any of the above are your trigger words *eye roll*

Anon 16 June 23 13:36

Anonymous 16 June 23 09:45

Completely irrelevant to the article above, notwithstanding its total rhubarb. 

An 16 June 23 15:05

I am looking forward to the Bar Standard Board giving their verdict of 6 months' suspension from the profession...

No justice 18 June 23 14:26

And his 18 year old boyfriend died of an overdose from the drugs he bought but he was still allowed to practice….

Anonymous 22 June 23 15:29

absolutely ridiculous that police & court time and public money was wasted on enforcing ridiculous drug laws. I'd rather the resources were put into finding and capturing violent offenders and others that are a danger to the rest of us. This guy was doing no more than those who drunk during prohibition, disobeying a non-sensical law. Who cares if someone wants to get high? Catch murders and rapists instead please

The Lord Chief Muppet of Rockall 23 June 23 08:42

He’ll bounce back, he always does.


I can see him as PM or LCJ one day.


He’ll probably only get a short suspension and a three figure fine for this anyway.

In order to get struck off by the BSB, it needs to be an act of dishonesty or a diversity blunder.

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