It has emerged that the Managing Partner of Allen & Overy's Tokyo office found himself in a police station after getting into a scuffle with a passer-by.
Aled Davies' run-in with the law occurred back in August 2007, when he got into a shoving match with a drunk Japanese man. Davies and some other A&O lawyers were waiting for a taxi at the end of a night out when the man begun drunkenly abusing them. Davies asked him to leave them alone and gave what the firm describes as "a gentle shove". It seems the drunkard then swung at him, Davies gave him another shove before grabbing him and marching him over to a nearby policeman.

The two men were put in the back of a police car and taken down to the local nick. Davies was eventually sent home and the drunk was left to sober up in the cells until the next morning, when he issued a formal apology to Davies.

Aled Davies: well 'ard

Davies isn't the only partner to have attracted the attention of the local police. Freshfields' Andrew Hart was arrested after being attacked by a man in a sandwich related incident, Hammonds partners appear to be members of their own private Fight Club and you wouldn't want to cross anyone from Brodies.

So which firm has the hardest staff? Would a Linkies partner take down someone from Charles Russell? Do Clydes spend their free time working on their left hooks? Use the button below to send in stories of well 'ard partners and we'll publish the results next week.
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