Allen & Overy has replaced the University of Law as its LPC and GDL provider with BPP University.

A&O put its patronage out to tender after deciding it wanted a bespoke LPC course which would make its trainees more commercially aware. BPP won, and will run A&O's GDL from September 2014 and its LPC from January 2015. Its A&O LPC has been exclusively designed and will feature "business modules". The course will, unusually, carry on into the training contract. Trainees will be required to complete a "business intelligence project" focussing on an A&O industry sector or client while they are at the firm. On the plus side, they will get a business MA at the end of their training contract.

    "You mean the LPC isn't finished yet?"

It's certainly bad news for the University of Law as A&O takes on around 90 trainees a year (and also had acted for the Legal Education Foundation when it sold the UoL to Montagu).

Allen & Overy's training principal, David Campbell, said "we’ve been very happy with the University of Law and the quality of the GDL and LPC they provide... but felt that BPP just had the edge on the business focus.
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Anonymous 20 December 13 05:59

Single-subject "university" that has been cutting and cutting on a knee-jerk basis now finds itself unable to compete. There's no story here save for the years of business inadequacy not of it course but of its management.

Anonymous 20 December 13 07:19

Yeah: just the result of the previous management hacking through the staff, no business acumen any of them, therefore not surprising they cannot teach it.

Anonymous 02 January 14 13:52

Nothing but cuts and plundering by management at the U of Law - no wonder it's beginning to fall apart. In a few years time they will sell and then, perhaps, the University can start recovering from all the damage that has been done.

Anonymous 08 January 14 19:34

The fact that the UoL pays its CEO half a million pounds a year shows how out of touch and hopeless it is

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