May 2009

Last week, RollOnFriday set out to find the hardest partner in law.
Also making the news this week...

A former Ernst & Young lawyer has been found guilty of six charges of insider trading this week after he passed on confidential information.

Also making the news this week...

A Melbourne law firm has revealed that Harley Davidson is the trade mark most likely to be tattooed on the bottom of a young Australian.

Staff at Charles Russell are in revolt over the timing and the terms

Staff at DWF have had their salaries frozen and been told that no firm-wide bonuses will be awarded - despite the firm recording its best results e

A group calling itself "", and which claims to represent a wide se
It has emerged that the Managing Partner of Allen & Overy's Tokyo of

Norton Rose has confirmed that it has contacted all the students who were due to join the

March 2009

A partner at one of Ireland's top law firms is suing her own partners.

Also making the news this week:

This week's cringe-worthy website comes from Haresh Sood, a wannabe actor and former law s

There are two new entries on the RollOnFriday Tightwad Table this week - a UK firm which has resorted to declaring an amnesty on branded pens, and

A law student at Queensland University of Technology has shown the World how to respond to a twatty email.

Last week's revelation that a partner at Matheson Ormsby Prentice is suing her own firm

Burges Salmon could find itself homeless after the developer of

The credit crunch has hit Australia, and firms are reported to have taken the lead from their US and European equivalent by doing a Rolls Royce job of

Also making the news this week:

A Miami law student has posted an ad on Craigslist offering... errr... an entirely different sort of professional service.