September 2009

It was reported this week that the downturn has forced the Magic Circle to discount its hourly rates by a third.
The Bar Standards Board has asked BPP to push some of its students back a year, because its Bar Vocational Course is over-subscribed.
There was acute embarassment for a legal recuitment consultancy this week after it wrongly told a candidate for a job at 
RollOnFriday has been told that another three partners have resigned from 
RollOnFriday has learnt that beleaguered firm Shoosmiths has asked all its staff to accept a 2.5% pay cut.

Shoosmiths has rocketed up the RollOnFriday Tightwads table by cutting back on its Christmas bonus - in a bid to save 23 pence per head per week.

Birmingham firm Shoosmiths can consider itself named and shamed for continuing to demand fees and maintenance grants back from its departing traine

An Irish solicitor is buffing up his CV after making the career-limiting move of shooting a judge in court.
Clifford Chance has disappointed its thousands of female la
The Law Society has found itself on the back foot (again) after it released a report based on conversations with just 25 lawyers - and ended up in the

I'm gay, and my experience of working in the law has been: i don't exactly shout it from the rooftops and probably wouldn't feel happy outing mysel

Last week we reported (see story) that the Law Society had publish
A US survey has shown that law firms are the most gay-friendly employers of all.
Mayer Brown wins this week's biggest-bastards award after managing to do over both its trainees and its NQs in an impressive double whammy.
Eversheds has embarked on yet another round of redundancies, with ten