Parsons (l) and Blake (r).

A lawyer has immortalised the appearance of a Womble Bond Dickinson partner at the Post Office Horizon It Inquiry in a rather fabulous painting.

Litigation solicitor and artist Pey Kan Su attended Andrew Parsons' hearings, as well as several others, having decided to record the historic proceedings in his own way. Su's method involves making pencil sketches, from which he works up a painting "very soon (usually in the evening) after the hearings", he told ROF.

"Basically I sought to capture Blake’s examination of Parsons, the former’s glaring search for answers and the latter’s rather evasive expression."

Explaining his motivation, he told ROF, "I am simply fascinated by the complexity of this gigantic miscarriage of injustice, the perseverance of the sub-postmasters involved, the skills of the Inquiry counsel in unearthing the evidence and the evidence of the various witnesses I have heard to date".

"It is very uplifting to see that the sub-postmasters have finally got their cases properly heard."



TIMOTHY HYMAN RA 22 June 24 10:31

He has preserved some of the observational wit [ so  evident in his on-the -spot line drawings posted on instagram] even in the heavier medium of painting.  A good act of WITNESS....

P K Su 27 June 24 16:08

Reply to Susan Blake of 21.6.24


Just seen your messages today returning from PO Inquiry hearing. 

Thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t do copy. However, if you are related to Blake,the counsel, you are welcomed to make an offer for the original which is painted on board and the dimension is 28” x 17.5”. 


Pey Kan Su


Tarquin2 29 June 24 12:11

Thought Parsons handled himself quite well actually.

Have the lines of faulty code yet been identified?

Seems to be a complete silence on this central issue.

Has anyone actually been through the millions of lines of code?

In the old days presumably the accounts would be a hand written affair, written daily by the post master in a scrapbook journal 

anon 06 July 24 07:17

How about painting some jail bars over the culprit ? or using it as a dart board ? or adding some devil horns ? or a hooded cloak and a cycle ? 

If you can get 12 ideas, then you can make a calender for the sub postmasters