Staff at media / tech firm Wiggin are circumnavigating the globe on bikes to raise £100,000 for charity.

Well, sort of. They're actually cycling 18,310 miles on static bikes based in the firm's offices, so they'll avoid the tribulations of storms, dysentery, pirates, unwary lorry drivers etc. that would afflict more intrepid fundraisers. But it's a fair old distance, they only have 180 days in which to cover it and it's all for a good cause. The money will be shared evenly between four chosen charities: Maggie's Cheltenham Centre and Great Ormond Street Hospital, which are local to the firm's offices, and Alzheimer's Society and Autistica as their chosen national charities.


The "wheelie big challenge" (see what they did there?) kicks off on Monday. Anyone wanting to chip in can go to