What is the maximum term of imprisonment for panic buying tyre levers? Just one of the questions that definitely won't be asked at The Bike Project's inaugural Wheelie Fun Pub Quiz fundraiser on Saturday evening.

The Bike Project are a great little charity who fix up unloved bikes and give them to refugees in London and Birmingham. A bike can help a refugee get to college or a Home Office appointment without spending their whole family's dinner money. Pretty rad.

With their workshop closed to visitors and public transport looking like a scary experiment in herd immunity, The Bike Project are now doing home bike deliveries so refugees can keep on riding.

PLOT TWIST: You too can join Saturday's quiz fun by donating whatever you can afford to The Bike Project's emergency appeal. (Every bike delivery costs a tenner, though. Just saying.)

So help a sister out, show off your massive brains AND do something awesome for Britain's bikeless refugees.

Plus how many other quizzes are hosted by a particle physicist? Not many. And nor is this one.

This quiz is led by the other host of BBC's Infinite Monkey Cage. He's the Schrödinger's Cat of lockdown comedy (live videostream or pre-record from 2007? – you'll never know unless you buy a ticket) – it's comedian Robin Ince!


Donations over £20 get VIP entry and a pre-quiz call with the man himself. This is your once-in-a-lockdown opportunity to turn the tables on the quizmaster: 
•    How crap is being a comedian without a live audience? 
•    Has Professor Brian Cox now returned to his home planet? 
•    And, hypothetically of course, what size bribe might he take for the quiz answers?

Saturday 23 May @ 19.30, Youtube Live, Tickets by donation

Stay tuned for more