Problem of a reader

"I have a full on Amazon and ASOS habit (as well as Uber which is also going to be problematic) and I am starting to worry about Christmas.  I have heard a rumour that the post room may refuse to accept Amazon parcels and we are not allowed to have on-line shopping delivered.  I live in a block where there is nowhere to leave parcels and they get sent back to the sorting office or warehouse. Work is essential for retail therapy.  What am I going to do?"

In your longer letter you make it clear that this is not just presents for godchildren and relies you are having sent to the office - in the means this are gifts to yourself for being such a hard working professional.  I can sympathise (apart from the hard working bit).

My actual christmas parcel post 2016.  Work.

Sometimes I wonder whether any of these retailers have ever thought of getting some space in a building, maybe near offices and transport hubs, where they could keep all their products there and let people come in and not only collect them but also choose and pay for them all at the same time.  If you have any retailer sector clients you should suggest this.  You'll be the leader of the Retail Sector group before you know it, with your mugshot on all the press releases for the firm.    When these new spaces take off you will be an industry guru.  The internet is legacy technology now and shops are the future. #Highstreet2.0.

These "shops"are going to take off.  Mark my words.


Anonymous 03 October 17 23:25

Send to friend in nearby office that can accept deliveries.

Or start bribing the postroom lad.