When an internet scam artist calling himself 'Sadiq Ahmed' got in touch with RollOnFriday offering us a share of $79 million which he had stolen from Syria in exchange for a few of our details, of course I didn't hesitate to provide a photo of Michael Heseltine and pretend to be 'Mr Wibble'.

If you haven't read what happened next, do, because otherwise this is going to make no sense at all.

In what I thought would be the final email, Mr Wibble told Sadiq that all his teeth had been removed and that he was waiting to meet Sadiq in Dubai airport. Mr Wibble also attached a poorly photoshopped montage of Michael Heseltine with new gold teeth and a bodybuilding Syrian clutching a hen. I didn't think Mr Wibble would hear from Sadiq again, but I was wrong.

A note: all the people corresponding with poor Sadiq are made up. Since he is also an invention of a scam artist, what follows is a conversation between two idiots trying to persuade the other that their fictional characters are real.





Since Sadiq had been so forthcoming, it was time to introduce Mr Wibble's perspicacious wife and give him the opportunity to make some real money.

Time for Mrs Wibble to invent her own Syrian. Enter Neil Mohammed. Copying in Sadiq, of course.





Anonymous 19 December 14 12:47

Struggling to keep it together in the office here reading this. The address of the solicitor at the end nearly ruined me.

Anonymous 12 December 14 16:31

I can only admire that. Bravo. Even if I did have the time, I wouldn't have the imagination!