I wrote a story last week on Reece Law, a firm made up of a bunch of paralegals. A salesman had been trying to drum up some referrals. He described a potential client who was suspicious of a firm containing no qualified solicitors as a “fucking retard”. He also came up with the immortal line “"it appears to me she is giving out false legal advice!! she need to leave that to us".

The firm, which was quick to distance itself from this charmer, brands itself as follows:


The designer was clearly a childhood fan of Rex and Tex in the Funday Times:


Cartoons aside, surely there must be some restriction on ripping off royal armorial images. I emailed my old chum Peter O’Donoghue who is York Herald at the College of Arms. He said that “the use of the lion and unicorn in this way is almost certainly unlawful. This kind of thing is dealt with by my senior colleague Garter King of Arms who works with the Lord Chamberlain's Department.” And he sent it on to him.

Peter emailed me the next day. “Garter advises that this fake coat of Arms is a doctored version of the Royal Arms of Canada. It is certainly unlawful and would seem likely to be contrary to the Trade Marks Act 1994, which forbids the use of Arms suggestive of Royal authorisation; and the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, which forbids giving an indication of Royal approval. He is I believe passing it on to the Lord Chamberlain's Office.”

Oh dear.



Anonymous 31 August 17 17:25

Are Tex and Rex similarly unlawful? Will Murdoch be joining the angry paralegals in the Tower?

Anonymous 04 September 17 11:59

Anon 16:25 31/08 defence of fair dealings, s.30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 confers protection for parody and comedic works.

Anonymous 08 September 17 16:14

anon 04/09/2017 10:59
s.30A is a potential defence to copyright infringement, it has no bearing on the provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1994 or Trade Descriptions Act 1968.......

Anonymous 01 September 17 08:42

"my old chum Peter O’Donoghue who is York Herald at the College of Arms"

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