The RoF team recently watched the nation's favourite vexed head, Charlie Brooker, presenting his annual lambaste-athon on the BBC, 2015 Wipe.

During the programme, Brooker used a phrase that made us wonder if his researchers had stumbled across a humble little RoF blog:


And here's a snippet from the RoF blog which can be found here or by googling "Epic strutter":


It's either a huge honour to be picked up by the master satirist and Nathan Barley inventor or it could just be a coincidence. Brooker is no stranger to the odd twist of fate

Nevertheless, RollOnFriday's accounts team will be sending an invoice to Brooker's production company with the usual rate for metaphors rendered:





Anonymous 27 January 16 11:35

Presumably you'll be passing on that money (and paying a royalty yourselves) to the ad's creator (at least for the businessman/Beyoncé idea)?

Which leaves you claiming rights over use of the word centaur (meaning: creature with torso/head of man and body/legs of a horse) to describe a creature with the torso/head of a man and the body/legs of... oh. You might want to put the rest of the money aside for Beyoncé's lawyers.

Anonymous 27 January 16 17:47

I clearly recall using the word 'for' long before there was an internet on which to publish RoF. To whom do I send my invoice?