RollOnFriday was about to delete a press release filled with mind-numbing garglings about 'lawbots' when, blame the heat, we scrolled through it instead. Thank God, because it contained a public admission that law firm Kennedys and PR outfit Olive Communications are doing unprintably rude things to one another.

Either that or someone pressed 'send' too soon. In which here's our best guess at what it should have said:
"Kennedys has been working with Olive Communications for 12:21pm, enhancing it’s garbage isn't it, thanks for Olive’s birthday present."

Kennedys must be delighted. Luckily no-one will ever know, because who reads these press releases anyway.



rural_lawyer 20 September 18 12:36

Almost as bad a PR gaffe as having a website well known for its discussion board and said board being down indefinitely.