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Fart tape

The recognition that a lifetime of professional achievement pales in comparison to 90 minutes of air bagels suggests the culprit occupies a senior, probably board level, position.

Have you noticed your supervisor getting misty-eyed whenever they chaircough?

Ask them if they’re the artist behind Now That’s What I Call Fogcutting, and, if they deny it, explain that RollOnFriday will interview them on an anonymous basis.



Anonymous 02 February 22 21:40

My former boss recently retired aged 63.  He was an ex insurance guy so probably him.


Andy, was it you?

SecularJurist 04 February 22 16:18

Fifty of the world's national anthems on one special album from the great Furtzmeister himself.

Anonymous 13 February 22 23:58

I once worked at a firm in Pretoria, South Africa, where one of the younger partners liked his farts so much that he did them in front of associates and his secretary and sometimes asked them to rate the farts on a scale of one to 10. He used to tilt to the side in his leather seat to let them out whilst reviewing draft pleadings. 

John 12 June 22 12:08

an original fart tape was done in 1979, it consisted of 1000 farts meant for the Guinness book of records but obviously would not be eligible, it took 4 months to complete because the tape recorder would go to the producers house in turns, there were 3 producers and each produced a significant total to reach the magic 1000. Some were bigger than others but it was a great achievement considering the time and effort to make it happen.