Dear All,


Thank you all for the gifts and the kind words today.  It’s hard to know what to say.  I came to Fentons 15yrs ago as a trainee and have seen so much change over the years – the majority of course for the good.  There are not many people who get to enjoy 15yrs of work with the same employer and I do feel incredibly blessed to have worked with some truly talented, compassionate and pretty funny/bizzare* people. 


Please accept these words as sincere (I know they read a bit funny over email) but thanks very much to you all for making the last 15yrs so good.  I got to get up every morning and work on some fantastic cases with the best and nicest people working in this sector.  I couldn’t have wished for better.


Some highlights over the years would include accidentally sending a crude email funny to the old equity partner D.A. instead of D.B. whilst in my probationary period; accidentally sending someone a text message complaining about how annoying they were to the person in question instead of my boyfriend at the time (I think that I was doing a public service there); doing 155mph down the M1 with one of the FLOs; seeing M. E. breakdance; staff nights out where K. M. and M.L.used to end up giggling like school children and spilling all the gossip; mad nights out with S. (who always leads me astray)…the list could go on and on.  I could talk about cases but really I am taking some awesome memories and friendships with me. 


I didn’t want a leaving do as you guys have seen enough of those recently and S. and M's do was immense so trying to top that would be futile!  I hope however to be around in Manchester for drinks some time before xmas and I will probably ask S. to put the word out given her organisational skills when it comes to a p. up in a brewery! In the meantime, you can find me on the usual social media sites.


So, all the best to you lovely people.




*we all know who they are


P H 
Principal Lawyer
Slater and Gordon (UK) LLP



Anonymous 04 November 16 06:46

Isn't "FLO" "family liaison officer"? If so, she was with a police officer and presumably therefore doing blues and twos.