A niche law firm has posted an absolutely stellar job ad, seemingly targeted at lawyers who are semi-illiterate and spend too much time fiddling about with their lipstick.

AMZ Law is clearly a big player:


The fact that it has a small office on the Edgware Road is clearly no barrier to international success. Withers? Macfarlanes? Nah. When the Saudi Royal Family is after high level international trust advice this is their first port of call:


The firm is particularly keen to employ a female solicitor. As it points out, its principal is a woman, most of its staff are female and


The firm certainly wins points for enouraging applications from mothers who are thinking of returning to work. As long as they don't spend too much time faffing about with their makeup.


The whole copy reads as if it was dictated by Borat. Which is odd, given that:


    You work at AMZ Law! It's nice! King of the castle! We have much vagin!

Applicants who have a better understanding of grammar than their Business Development Manager should apply forthwith.




Anonymous 28 August 15 18:34

So, not micro-managed, but wacthed digitally. And note that to work there,

"one must also have...
The right to work in the UK
SRA License
Typing speed 60 words per minute
Clear and confident speaking voice
Confident using Linkedin and Blogging or Vlogging
Client base"

Typing speeds? Why, if one is intending to practise law????

Anonymous 30 August 15 19:57

Typing speed is an odd requirement but if you can't type at 60wpm as a desk worker nowadays you need to go back to the stone age.

Anonymous 16 June 17 15:05

Aussie in London - please can someone explain why recruiters are called "chinnies" ? Thanks

Anonymous 23 June 17 19:20

Aussie in London -- "Chinny Reckon" was, throughout British school playgrounds in the late 80s and early 90s, a popular expression of disbelief at any outrageous untruth. Eg "I once copped off with that Erika Eleniak because she loved my Global Hypercolour tee shirt." "yeah, Chinny Reckon, itchy beard"

Reckon = Rec Con