In non-legal news, a man in Australia has pranked his ex-girlfriend by putting up posters for a "Chewbacca roaring competition" with her phone number on it.

The posters asked people to call the number and impersonate Chewbacca, stating that the best impression would win $100. The man's ex-girlfriend, Jessica Sewell, was inundated with voice messages on her phone from hopeful strangers growling like a Wookiee.

"All he had to do was be mature and say 'I don't love you anymore, I want to move on'," said Sewell.

Other acrimonious ways to part with a lover include suing them for $100k, sending a furious email to everyone at their firm, or posting a terrifying helium balloon to their office.




Anonymous 31 July 20 11:16

Hilarious. Also bizarre if the woman was the one getting dumped, so it wouldn't appear to be a revenge prank by the bloke.