Earlier this week I encouraged readers to send in offensive limericks about Nigel Farage. Since then the racist bell end has been messing about on the river outside my office. Spot the difference:


And the limericks have been coming in. Thanks to Matt for:

Nigel finds racism easy
And keeps company some might call sleazy
But a party with Bozza,
Mike Gove and a prozzer
Even makes that scumbag queasy.

Sam sent in:

Pursuing inharmonious strife,
Farage sought out a singular life.
Though bemired in hypocrisy,
He fucked with democracy,
While being fucked by his immigrant wife.

Alex's effort:

A frog-faced xenophobic prick
Named Nigel is yearning to kick
The forrins out of Blighty;
Though his arguments are shitey,
His prospects of success make me sick.

An anonymous reader opines:

There was an old fart Farage
Boasting a floppy haired (twat) entourage.
He feared jolly foreigners
Those swarming sly commoners
Despite his love of German Saus-age.

And my colleague James is currently the front runner with:

Ole Nige wants to go it alone
Since it's just how he plays with his bone.
What he'd love more than Brexit
Is his favourite sex-hit
Of a wank in a pub on his own

And of course there's the token Brexiteer who took time out from breathing through his mouth and shouting at bits of cheese in the supermarket to share his eloquence:

Nigel is a genius who can be blunt
Is better than Dave, an absolute c**t
Dave is thick
And is a prick
And let the EU to f**k his munt.

"And let the EU to f**k his munt". What does that even mean? That alone must be worth a t-shirt.

Keep 'em coming.