RollOnFriday has been alerted to the most annoying company name in the UK.

Filling in forms is a junior corporate lawyer's bread and butter. Dull but often vital work. Companies House can be a real pig about forms, and spelling your client's name correctly on them comes right at the top of the list. So spare a thought for lawyers acting for Maxi-Flow, a Cheshire building company.

RollOnFriday's tipster thought it was the prank of a bored registrar at Co House. But no, some comedian actually picked this when the company was incorporated:

Is this a Yellow Pages trick to be named first, above A1 Builders? Or does Maxi-Flow's founder hate lawyers so much, he's decided to torture his own every time a document needs to be drafted?

Typing ........0.....0.....0.....0.....0.....0.....0.....0......0.....0.....0..0..0..0..0..0..0..0..A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.AAAAAAAA. Maxi-Flow Limited took me 1 minute 46 seconds to type. Then an extra 40 seconds when I realised the Os were actually 0s and I had to replace them all. That might squeeze an extra unit onto Maxi-Flow's bill, but I am not its lawyer and counting the dots has increased my short-sightedness by 0.6 in both eyes, with no recompense. Thanks ........0.....0.....0.....0.....0.....0.....0.....0......0.....0.....0..0..0..0..0..0..0..0..A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.AAAAAAAA. Maxi-Flow Limited! Thanks a lot.

At least someone in the business also had to suffer, although you'll notice they missed out the initial string of dots:

A nice woman at Maxi-Flow told me that people do call up to double-check the name sometimes, but mostly there are no problems, presumably because cut&paste. Apparently only the founder knows the reason he did this, and he's out building something today.


Anonymous 20 May 16 14:54

Regardless of the ........s and the 0s, the shortened name sounds like a lady's sanitary product rather than a building company anyway.

Anonymous 25 May 16 13:36

Is it a plumbing business and the name is onomatopoeic of someone using the facilities?

Anonymous 27 May 16 17:25

It's a small world, I acted for this client. The most frustrating thing is that they have a much more normal sounding 'Maxiflow Limited' within the group, but which is dormant.