RollOnFriday has been forwarded a superlative job application.

The candidate for the 1PQE job at a Magic Circle firm boasts that he is highly proficient at Call of Duty and that his mum will "cut" him if he doesn't get the position. It was received by The Lawyer magazine's jobs team, which dutifully emailed the application to the legal recruiters who posted the vacancy. They presumably realised that a quality individual was in play when they read the covering email, below, which includes the foolproof tactic of begging: "plz give me the job.... my mum said she will cut me if you dont ;)"

RollOnFriday was also passed a copy of Viron El Hameses' CV. It avoids the pitfall of being prolix, running a compact nine lines, but there are other issues. It is annotated it for the benefit of less street readers.

In plugging news, serious candidates are using RollOnFriday's jobs board. Thousands of lawyers have also uploaded their anonymised profiles onto RollOnFriday's free Make Me An Offer database, enabling employers to make them a dream offer. You, yes you, can join them. Not you Viron.


Anonymous 31 May 16 12:27

could also be the cat from "I can has cheezbruger" looking for a job now the cheezburger thing does not pay the bills anymore

Anonymous 02 June 16 13:39

could also be:

"I am ron vheessle"

which, all considered, wouldn't be an outlandish error for this applicant to make.