So this week started with an iridescent purple mini on a glorious sunny day.  I can only imagine it was a custom job colour as it was not one I’d seen before (or since).  However, given it was iridescent, this presented its own challenges - to only go with purple or mix, for example, teal in the collage?  In the end I went with other purples which were not a solid colour and a suede boot which helped to tie it all together.

I’ve certainly become a lot more aware of the types of plants growing in small front gardens (and the seasonal changes given I started this series on day 1 of lockdown when blossom was plentiful).  My mum (back in NZ) has been educating me on some of the plants and flowers that I have photographed, as I must admit to not knowing quite a few.  Hence I learned that the red drop flowers in the trio collage (which I assured a colleague were real and not just decorative) were an abutilon, commonly referred to as red vein Chinese lanterns.  I’d seen them from time to time in gardens back in NZ but never in London (or maybe I have just been blissfully ignorant up to now).

The week ended with a new take on the rainbow theme (who doesn’t love a plush fake green parrot?) and with navy and white, the latter a request from a team member as these are his favourite football team’s colours (fortunately as a colour theme, these were easy to find).
























Anonymous 12 June 20 17:03

Some of your best work. I particularly love the flowers next to the dress. Thank you.