So this was the week that I tackled brown. Like black, I had been avoiding creating a collage around this colour theme for weeks and weeks but on day 68 I was ready!  Fortunately by this time I had wandered my ‘hood extensively and had a few ideas as to how to proceed.  I didn’t anticipate emulating my black-themed collage with another horse sculpture but this one made out of wood was calling out to be included when I walked past it.  Sadly however, I have not managed to find out who created it.

I can’t tell you how delighted my niece was that I included a real live animal this week.  I am aware that many Brits regard squirrels to be pests but coming from New Zealand I still find them quite fascinating.  I suppose they could be the NZ equivalent of the possum so I do understand the sentiment.  Nonetheless, a grey squirrel did squirm its way into my collage of the same colour.

Some days come together much more quickly than others - ‘baby blues’ was one such day - everywhere I turned I seemed to see that colour.  Reds was another but seeing a red painted house is a rarity so I was happy to find one.  I don’t tend to have favourites with the collages I create (I’m always fascinated by which ones are liked by family, friends and colleagues) and this week was no exception although I was intrigued by the mystery of the missing white door (why leave the frame?).