It’s actually quite hard to believe as I am writing this when the outside temperature is currently 27 degrees (C) but feels hotter, that when I took the photos for my gold collage (Olympics medal colours challenge now complete), there was such a bitterly cold wind I had to resort to having a hot chocolate on the go at 7am - I was so grateful to find a cafe open!  However, I’m not really complaining because the weather has been so unseasonably fine that it has generally been an absolute pleasure to go on my morning walks.

Given I’m usually out and about around 6:15 in the morning, I don’t tend to come across that many people on my walks.  This has made the process of taking these photos much easier as I don’t have to explain what I’m doing.  I have only twice been caught in the act of taking a photo by the owner - once photographing someone’s front door, the second time photographing some front garden tiles.  On both occasions I complimented the individual on their colour choice/design and then found myself having an extremely friendly conversation about all manner of things before we wished each other a good day.  It is this willingness of total strangers to strike up a small conversation or just to say hello as you walk past them which has made my mornings more enjoyable and I hope this continues.