A law firm boss has greeted the news that an editor of the legal directory Chambers & Partners is quitting by telling her at length how he has ignored the company and thinks it's rubbish.

Laura Mills posted on professional networking site Linkedin that she was leaving her job as editor of Chambers & Partners USA, giving thanks in particular to "all of the firms whose participation in our research has made the guides such a great success".

A touching moment. Cue, said a source, "the standard gushing goodbyes and good lucks from contacts". Except for one man. One dedicated griper who decided to cut through the back-slapping like a pissed-off ex at a funeral. Victor Marroquin, a partner in Peruvian firm Marroquin & Merino, informed Mills and the world that "As we are a very discrete boutique in Peru, we have never responded to your research requests".

He continued, "It is part of our philosophy not to advertise in any way or to be "rated"" and confirmed that "we will not answer to Chambers". He went on, "a lawyer who touts himself or herself (or is touted by an entity, i.e. Chambers) loses in our view legitimacy".

    Peruvian party pooper 

With the Llama bit firmly between his teeth, Marroquin wrote, "clients are not with us because you or anyone else ranked us in Chambers", seething, "I have never replied to any of their requests, for the reasons I have just told you". Having done the LinkedIn equivalent of climb onto a desk and shout "Boo! BOO! BOOOOO!" during her leaving speech, Marroquin somewhat oddly wished Mills well, concluding, "Now, time to celebrate your move! Wherever you will go, you will be a STAR! :-)". 

Jobseekers interested in the vacant position will need to bone up on Chambers & Partners unique interview process, which allegedly includes deeply personal questions such as, "Do you have any sexual dreams?" Good times.


Anonymous 21 April 17 12:11

Good on him. The directories are indeed the biggest pile of crap ever invented and have no relevance in the digital age.

Anonymous 21 April 17 12:21

He's not wrong really. A lot of work is not gathered through advertising and never has been. In fact it used to be illegal.

Anonymous 13 April 17 17:19

He looks about two seconds away from whipping out his old chap and getting disconnected from chatroulette

Anonymous 03 May 17 17:57

Did him and Laura have a "thing"? Feels like Diego is a scorned lover here. He's "projecting" as we say in the trade.

Anonymous 19 July 17 12:14

Keeping in mind that most people working at the directories only just graduated from uni and have a degree in Performing Arts from Loughborough, with zero understanding of the legal profession, it's hard to disagree with him.