The Lawyer has accidentally published an article with a url which calls the boss of Dentons a ranting loon.

Dentons chairman Joe Andrew had talked to The Lawyer to object to a commentator who claimed that Dentons, with its Swiss Verein structure, was not a proper law firm, but a giant legal network. The suggestion struck a nerve with Andrew, who laid into the commentator's "arrogant perspective". The Lawyer duly published Andrew's polemic, only someone in the office left in what they really thought in the url:

The address was hastily amended from "loon-andrew-rants" to the less provocative "lets-make-netweorks-great-again". As a ROF tipster noted sagely, "Awkward AF". Though to be fair to The Lawyer, Andrew is a bit of a talker.


Anonymous 29 July 16 17:17

> to the less provocative "lets-make-netweorks-great-again

Sorry, was it "networks" or actually "netweorks"? Just wondering if they misspelled their amended URL too.