Warning: contains bums. Obviously.

A law student has won Cambridge student magazine The Tab's Best Bum competition. She gives her name as Polly, she studies at Homerton and she has a lovely bottom.

Polly told The Tab, “I’m a naturally shy kinda gal, but on the inside I’m a little wild. Doing something like this was a way of showing the world that introverts can feel good exposing themselves publicly as well”. In a disturbing reminder that sex sells at uni as well as on shameless online blogs, Polly said, "my essay grades have gone up so much since my supervisor happened to walk in mid-shot”.

To balance out the behinds, here's Liam, who came first of the blokes. Polly won 40% of the vote, Liam only got 3.86%. But what glutes. Robbed?

Here's cultural commentator 50 Cent on what the results meant to him:



Anonymous 10 December 16 04:27

Decent bum but a little pasty compared to the legs and back. Perhaps try a thong or going au naturale next time hitting the beach / sunbeds.

Anonymous 15 March 17 11:37

"Polly" deservedly won this cheeky competition, earning the better scholastic grades that folowed her success in the process.

Whether her career, or life as a very clearly highly qualified candidate for motherhood, is furthered by winning this delightful competition,

is on the cards, only time will tell.

Good luck. Polly !