Everyone knows that law school costs an inordinate amount of cash.

£12,500 for the BPP LPC? Shurely Shome Mishtake.

But imagine if you do your schooling in the US. Three years of academic hell, no way around it. Precious little chance of any funding (no training contracts), plus the unavoidable cost of weak lager, toga parties and ultimate frisbee. It makes my arteries harden just thinking about it.

Sarah Allen knows how to beat the baliffs. She wants to be a lawyer, but doesn't want to pay tuition fees at the University of North Carolina herself. Given that it comes to $105,000 for the three years, who would?

But how to raise the money? Well, she's started a PayPal account, and wants people to just give her money. Thus far, three kind souls have dug deep. Problem is, there doesn't seem to be any kind of discernable talent here. She won't even do a little dance if you stump up. But if by some miracle she gets more than the requisite $105k, she's pledged to help out other students. Nor will she be rushing straight to Cravath on graduation. Really Sarah, you are too kind.

Ever wondered what the spare kidney was for?

Sarah writes a blog at - http://debt-free-law-student.blogspot.com/

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