Horwich Farrelly may have taken its marketing strategy one step too far.

Traditionally, it has presented the brand as conservative and pleasantly twee: 


But a design bod channeling his inner Goebbels propaganda machine has rotated and cropped the logo. The result resembles a motif which should have been consigned to history along with screams of "Sieg Heil" and jackboots goose-stepping across Europe:



The words which accompany the swastika on the website are also unfortunate:


Until the firm rethinks the design, it's business as usual in the marketing department:

"Don't mention the flaw..."

The firm is not the first to fall foul of unfortunate logo doppelgangers.



Anonymous 12 February 16 10:17

God, you really are increasingly desperate for material, aren't you ROF? Next up, twobirds.com is sexist.

Anonymous 12 February 16 20:04

I thought someone told me they were a "nasty" firm. Perhaps I misheard them.

Anonymous 16 February 16 16:45

It seems HF have moved the logo too far to the right, in both senses of the word

Anonymous 16 February 16 11:31

It's not really a doppelganger though, is it? It's RoF trying desperately to persuade us that if you turn the logo upside down and squint a bit, it looks like something that could be a swastika if it was a slightly different shape....

Anonymous 16 February 16 11:48

Hah! Love the firm's partners desperately trying to play this down.

This does indeed look like a swastika, and they've been absolutely pawned by some stupid design agency.

Anonymous 12 February 16 09:25

Similarly, if you go on A&O's homepage and re-arrange all of the letters appearing thereon, you will find that they spell "Ein volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer (dihauhg lwfu fpwihihfia ji;hwagi uqf ihlui oliyw ughjlqkj ekwh fl gapwigh)"

Something must be done.